Born in 1994, I'm a French photographer. I studied photography at Ecole de Condé and Bloo Ecole, both in Lyon. I'm currently living in Paris where I work on humanitarian projects as well as photography.

  Committed and sensitive, I have been fascinated since I was little by the personalities and behaviors around me. I am inspired by my encounters and strive to represent the emotions of the people I photograph as truly as possible.


  For two years, I have been doing photography sessions, called Empowerment, to strengthen self-esteem. My work focuses mainly on women, and more recently, on women victims of sexual and physical violence, on people who have experienced trauma and injunctions related to their bodies.


   I use the medium of photography to help people to discover themselves in a different light. Take a moment for themself and see themself differently, through a softer and more benevolent gaze.



Galerie Studio de la Plage

Marseille, France

October 15th - October 28th 2018

Series : Intégration en cours and Mosquitoes 

Collective exhibition with Julien Albertini
and Michel Lamourdedieu


Café Le Beguin

Paris, France

November 13th 2017 - January 15th 2018

Serie : Intégration en cours

Personal exhibition


Galerie Bleu du ciel

Lyon, France

June 29th 2015 - July 31st 2015

Serie : Mosquitoes

Personal exhibition

Vues d'exposition : Galerie Studio de la Plage, 2018