Born in 1994, Juliette Dupuis is a French photographer. She studied photography at Ecole de Condé and Bloo Ecole, both in Lyon. Juliette is currently living in Paris where she works on humanitarian projects as well as photography.

 Committed and sensitive, she is fascinated by personalities in general and behaviors around her. Juliette takes inspiration from her meetings and strives to represent as truly as possible the emotions from the people she photographes.

 Her documentary work concentrates on portrait series and landscapes photography.

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Galerie Studio de la Plage

Marseille, France

October 15th - October 28th 2018

Series : Intégration en cours and Mosquitoes 

Collective exhibition with Julien Albertini
and Michel Lamourdedieu


Café Le Beguin

Paris, France

November 13th 2017 - January 15th 2018

Serie : Intégration en cours

Personal exhibition


Galerie Bleu du ciel

Lyon, France

June 29th 2015 - July 31st 2015

Serie : Mosquitoes

Personal exhibition

Vues d'exposition : Galerie Studio de la Plage, 2018

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